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Why professional self-tan application is taking over

March 13, 2015

Taking salon service to the next level – the latest trend out of Europe is offering tanning clientele more than just a spray tan service. Some UK salons are now offering a professional self-tan application service, allowing the salon to become a one-stop-shop for everything tanning.

So why would a client choose to pay for this service? While a segment of your clientele are ongoing regular tanners, how many treat your tan offering as a luxury service? This portion might supplement by using at-home tanning products in between, but with ever increasing time constraints, may be open to the prospect of having this part of their beauty regimen handled for them.

Conversely, how many of your clients or potential clients would find benefit in being shown how to tan effectively? A client may find benefit in being given a first-hand demonstration of how to get the most natural effect around trouble areas like the face, hands and feet.

Here are some further salon benefits of adding this service to your menu:

Converting One-Time or Irregular Clients 

Position this service as an initiation into the world of tanning. Target one-time, irregular or inquirer clients for this service—those who are not regular spray tan customers and would benefit from being eased into the benefits of a professional application. Thinking of the professional self-tan application as a ‘stepping stone’ to the spray tan service can help to mitigate any purchasing apprehension and turn non-buyers into buyers.

Ability to Upsell

The benefit of this service is the many treatments that can be added into the appointment. Upsells such as a pre-tan exfoliation and prepping of the skin, relaxing massage pre or post service as well as post tan removal.

Education for Regular Clients

However, upselling your regular clientele on the benefits of your take-home retail products can be challenging. An application demonstration (structured as an add-on to the regular spray tan package) can help to educate your clientele on the proper method of tanning at home in between salon appointments.

Cementing Your Salon Authority

This, in turn, further positions your salon as an authority on tanning in the marketplace, giving you a potential leg-up on your competitors. Think of adding this service as a potential talking point for your salon also, and opportunity to benefit from PR coverage of your salon as the trend picks up across Australia.