Everyday Tanning Accessories and Disposables

Stock up your tanning salon with the essentials you need. MoroccanTan can provide salons and mobile tanners with application mitts and exfoliating mitts, hair caps, g-strings, clean feet and other tanning accessories.


Tanning disposables are the perfect solution to keep your clients comfortable while they’re getting their spray tan. When you have the right spray tan accessories, you can provide a better quality of experience for your clients.


Accessories are more important than they sound; in fact, many tanning accessories are actually tanning essentials to ensure the best possible result is achieved. The devil is in the detail, which is why it’s so important to stock up on tanning accessories wholesale and be prepared. At MoroccanTan, we offer our spray tanning accessories in kits, sets or individually. 


High Quality Accessories by Tanning Essentials


When you’re setting up a salon or running a tanning business, spray tan accessories by reputable brands are well worth investing in. That’s why we only stock high quality accessories and disposables by Tanning Essentials. Let your customers know that your business is all about quality services and customer satisfaction by purchasing high quality disposables to give them the most comfortable tanning experience they’ll ever have. Some of the products that we stock in our range are:


  • Exfoliating Mitts
  • Folding Wet Towels
  • Cardboard Soles
  • Disposable G-Strings
  • Hair Nets
  • Hand Towels
  • Barrier Cream to prevent tanning of unwanted areas


Buy Tanning Accessories and Disposables Today


To offer a professional salon environment you need all the tanning essentials. Salon marketing materials will also help to increase sales, we have a range of marketing materials that you can use to display in your salon. You can get everything you need in one place right here at MoroccanTan. View our products by having a browse of our online shop!


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