The Truth About Solarium Tanning

Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Truth About Solarium Tanning

March 26, 2013

To put it simply solarium tanning is getting a tan by using sunbeds or tanning beds. As relaxing as sunbeds may seem; solarium tanning is actually a dangerous way to tan. Let’s take a look at the risks associated with solarium tanning:

Solarium Tanning Risks

When you go and get a tan using a sunbed, what you basically do is bombard yourself with artificial ultraviolet radiation. This UV radiation makes the skin react (actually, the skin is protecting itself from the harmful UV rays by producing melanin) to get the tan.

1. Skin Cancer

The UV rays that solariums or sunbeds produce can be as high as six times what the midday sun gives off. Just imagine that amount of radiation being absorbed by your skin and your body. No matter how you cut it, that much radiation getting into your system can end up doing a lot more harm than good. In fact, a study has shown that people who frequent solariums before the age of 35 have 60% greater chance of developing melanoma.

2. Premature Ageing

Another effect of tanning your skin via solariums is premature ageing. Everyone knows that the sun affects ageing in a very direct way. The more you’re under the sun and the less protection you have, the older you will look.

Safer Alternatives to Solarium Tanning

Now that you know all about the harmful effects and cancerous risks of using solarium tanning, here are a couple of alternatives for you.

1. Love your own skin

One of the best ways to keep yourself protected from sun damage and UV radiation is to love your own skin. When you love your skin, no matter how pale or dark you are, you’re going to be content with what you have. This way, you aren’t going to needlessly expose your skin to harmful and cancer causing UV radiation. Also it is essential to protect your skin with sunscreen lotion and staying under the shade when you go outdoors.

2. Use sunless tanning products

Still want to get that healthy looking tan but don’t want to suffer the cancer risks that solarium tanning exposes you to? You can always use self tanning products. These products give you the same amount of tan, but without having to expose yourself to sunlight and the harmful UV rays. By choosing the right product, you can end up with the tan you’ve always wanted.