The 10 Sunless Tanning Myths

Saturday, March 19, 2022

The 10 Sunless Tanning Myths

March 19, 2013

As you probably know, there are many legends surrounding the world of spray tan. These folktales, although from way back, still concern many of our lovely customers. So today we are going to address some of the most talked about fake tan myths and reveal the facts.

Myth #1: Spray tans don’t last.

Busted: Of course tans, both real and fake, will fade eventually – that is just life. Our tans usually last around 5 days but, with proper care, can last around 7. Real tans are usually fading by this point too! Spray tans give you the natural bronzed look of a real tan but without the side effects that come with lying out in the sun all day.

Myth #2: Tanning spray and fake tan will make you orange.

Busted: We hear this myth way too often. The age-old concern of turning Oompa Loompa orange stems from celebs such as the Jersey Shore gang who just don’t know how to use fake tan! But it isn’t the fake tan itself to blame – it is the applier. It is so important to choose the right shade of tanning spray. We offer three shades, moroccanBronze, moroccanOriginal and moroccanGold, which compliment different skin tones. Make sure you go to a well-known spray tan salon where the trained staff will know exactly how to avoid the orange look and will help you choose the most natural tan for you!

Myth #3: Spray tans are full of harmful chemicals.

Busted: This myth had some truth to it in the past but nowadays it certainly isn’t true. The traditional style of spray tanning does contain some harsh chemicals such as dyes, alcohols, preservatives and perfumes. But, thankfully, organic fake tans have been developed. Organic spray tans are free from these ingredients but do contain the wonder-product, argon oil. They are EPA and TGA certified and usually cost the same as regular spray tans! Talk to your salon about the composition of the tan you are using to make sure it is right for you. Remember, spray tans are a lot less harmful than UV rays.

Myth #4: You need sunlight to get Vitamin D, so you may as well tan in the sun to get your intake.

Busted: This is pure fiction! You get enough for Vitamin D if you expose your skin to direct sunlight for 2-10 minutes a day. We don’t encourage putting your skin at risk to UV rays like this, so we found out other ways to get Vitamin D. You can supplement it with a tablet or get it from foods that are fortified with Vitamin D – such as milk, orange juice, yoghurt or cereal, as well as salmon, mackerel and tuna. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to damage your skin with UV rays to get your daily intake of Vitamin D!

Myth #5: It is impossible to protect the bottom of your feet from unwanted spray tan residue.

Busted: We have busted this myth with the creation of our Cleen Feet products! These beauties come in either foam or cardboard and were created especially to dispel this myth. We all know how frustrating it is when you get tanning spray residue on the soles of your feet and how annoying it is to get it off! If you haven’t got Cleen Feet and you’ve got unwanted residue on your feet, try using lemon juice or baking soda to remove it!

Myth #6: Spray tans smell bad.

Busted: What was once fact is now fiction. Although fake tans do have a scent, they have come a long way from the times where the starchy smell was overpoweringly horrible. The spray tan industry has come a long way in creating products where the smell is neutralised and much more pleasant!

Myth #7: Tanning spray will protect your skin from sun damage.

Busted: Generally, the more tanned (naturally) you are the less likely you are to ‘burn’ in the sun. We think this may be where the foundations of the above myth have come from. Unfortunately spray tans do not protect you from the sun and should never be considered as a form of sunscreen! A spray tan is the cosmetic colouring of your skin, not a real tan. Always wear sunscreen and cover up when you are in direct sunlight!

Myth #8: You’ve got to be fully naked to have a spray tan.

Busted: This is not true at all! Obviously if you are naked you will receive an all over tan, but you can choose what you want to cover up (as long as you know you won’t be tanned there). Most people wear some sort of undergarment when getting their tan done. We have special disposable bras and G-strings to protect your modesty whilst ensuring you get a good, all over tan! Certain salons have policies about what you wear, so make sure you check it out before you go for you spray tan.

Myth #9: The colour you are immediately after being spray tanned, is the final colour.

Busted: Do not fear! Our Moroccan tan products will begin to activate around 2 to 4 hours after they are applied. Full results should be developed in around 18 to 24 hours. Make sure you do not shower or exercise strenuously in the developing period or you could compromise your tan!

Myth #10: Any lotion you apply will help keep your tan looking new and fresh.

Busted: There is some truth to this legend as moisture maintenance plays a large part in helping your spray tan last. But certain moisturisers and lotions will not preserve your tan; instead they will actually get rid of it. Lotions containing petroleum, mineral oils or Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) are no-nos if you want to keep your tan looking fresh. Look for moisturisers that are made specifically made for skin that has been spray tanned.