Dusk 2-Hour 11% DHA 125ml

Dusk 2-Hour 11% DHA 125ml

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MoroccanDusk 2-hour 11% DHA 125ml

MoroccanDusk is a violet-based formulation mixed with deep ashy browns to create a rich, bronzed hue.

This luxurious solution is a part of our Exotic collection and is suitable for all skin types and particularly complementary to those with dry, mature or sensitive skin. Dusk is an 11% DHA solution that encompasses a premium blend of natural and organic ingredients that work effortlessly to nourish and improve complexion while achieving a natural to dark-intense colour.

Solutions develop darker over time and can be customised and tailored to suit each client.
For a natural finish, leave on the skin for 2-3 hours for medium leave on for 4-5 hours, for a dark result leave on for 6+ hours.

Key Ingredients

+ Organic Argan Oil works to Condition + Repair
+ Organic Aloe Vera works to Calm + Balance
+ Organic Rosehip Oil works to Soothe + Brighten
+ Natural Raspberry Seed Oil works to Protect + Nourish
+ Caffeine/O2 blend works to Firm + Tone
+ Enhanced Bronzers work to Boost + Develop

Visit our Goodness Glossary for a more in-depth insight into our formulas.

Fragrance: Sweet Honey
Size: 125ml
SKU: 1-MT0002013s 

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Dusk 2-Hour 11% DHA 125ml
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