How to Spray Tan in 10 Easy Steps

Sunday, May 29, 2022

How to Spray Tan in 10 Easy Steps

November 13, 2012

Performing a spray tan is not as hard as it may seem. However, you need to have the confidence in your work if other people are to be comfortable with you. So we’re here to give you that extra boost of confidence with some of our top spray tanning tips:

1. Ensure that you have dressed appropriately to undertake a spray tanning session. The best option is to wear a washable smock along with a reliable dust mask.

2. The person being spray tanned should be stripped down and have their hair cover placed on firmly on top.

3. Exfoliation the skin is highly recommended that all clients are advised to exfoliate their skin the night before a spray tanning session.

4. Ventilation is another important step in how to spray tan and ensure that everyone’s safety is being looked after. Get the airs flowing through the space without allowing your ventilation to blow on your client. This means that your ventilation should pull out the fumes instead of simply blowing them out. If you realize that there is a cloud of tanning fumes, you should turn down your air pressure and increase the amount of air that flows through the room.

5. Ensure that your compressor is on since the tanning solution tends to shorten the lifespan of your compressor, it will help if you can have it in another room. Also, ensure that the pressure is between, 15-25 when the airbrush is spraying. The lowest pressure helps to avoid clogging problems as well as a grainy spray, and is therefore important information on how to spray tan.

6. Testing your tools to ensure that the equipment functions properly before you actually start using it. An easy way to test this is by spraying cleaning solution or regular water through the airbrush.

7. Another one of our great spray tanning tips is to remember that bigger people and heavier tans generally require more solution than smaller people or lighter tans. Follow the instructions closely for any kind of additives or solution mixing and don’t forget that depending on the brand of the solution that you use, you may be required to perform different steps at this point.

8. Our spray tanning tips on the best techniques for your clients include:

  • Hold the airbrush about 8 – 12 inches away from your client

  • Spray in circles or overlapping lines but be sure to stick to the method that you choose

  • Spray as dry as you can because this ensures that you do not have to worry about runs

  • If an area begins to glisten, you should stop spraying the solution and only spray your client with air to help the area dry off quicker

  • Repeat the process until the whole body is covered

9. Once you are done spraying, ensure that you rinse your airbrush immediately.

10. Leave your client to dry off a little and then ask them to wear loose clothing to avoid rubbing off the spray tan.

Simply follow our spray tanning tips and you’ll be sure to have that confidence and knowledge to give your clients the best natural looking tan results every time.