Authorised Distributors – Protect yourself and your business

Monday, May 16, 2022

Authorised Distributors – Protect yourself and your business

May 16, 2014

Getting the best quality products is a necessity when it comes to any salon, mobile spray tan business or at home user. The question is: how do you know if you are looking out for the best interests of yourself and your business?

The first step is ensuring that the place of purchase is in fact an authorised distributor. This is of great importance as all distributors are educated on the brand and possess detailed product knowledge of which they can assist you with when required.

All authorised distributors also have an approved stock rotation which ensures the buyer always receives fresh stock which hasn’t been left on the shelf for an lengthy amounts of time. If stock has not been rotated in a timely manner this can sometimes result in aged solution that can no longer be sprayed with. When purchasing solutions off eBay and other untrusted sources there is no way of knowing how the solution has been stored or if it is even in its original condition.

Purchasing at these authorised stockists also means that all your purchase history will be recorded and documented in case of any situations where proof of purchase is required when carrying out a warranty claim. Most brands will require a proof of purchase if the product has been bought from a distributor rather than directly from the brand itself.

For a list of authorised distributors for Moroccan Tan please visit our website.