Coco 2-hour 14% DHA 1 Litre - 3 Pack

Coco 2-hour 14% DHA 1 Litre - 3 Pack

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MoroccanCoco 2-Hour 14% DHA 1 Litre - 3 Pack

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MoroccanCoco is a green-based formulation that is enhanced with cosmetic bronzers to create a warm, bronzed hue.

The darkest solution from our Original collection, this 14% DHA formula is particularly complementary to those with normal to oily skin that are looking to achieve a natural to dark-intense colour. Coco encompasses a premium blend of natural and organic ingredients that work effortlessly to enhance and improve complexion accomplishing the perfect finish.

Solutions develop darker over time and can be customised and tailored to suit each client. For a medium finish leave on the skin for 2-3 hours, for dark leave on for 4-5 hours and for a dark-intense result leave on for 6+ hours.

Pack Includes:
x 3 - MoroccanCoco 14%| 1L

Key Ingredients
+ Organic Argan Oil works to Nourish + Invigorate
+ Organic Aloe Vera works to Calm + Balance
+ Natural Vitamin E works to Nourish + Repair
+ Pro-Vitamin B5 works to Regenerate + Stabilise
+ Vitamin C works to Build + Protect

Visit our Goodness Glossary for a more in-depth insight into our formulas.

Fragrance: Sweet Honey Fragrance
Size: 3 x 1 Litre
SKU: 1-MT0131004

Coco 2-hour 14% DHA 1 Litre - 3 Pack